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Odoo Implementation

Odoo ERP accounting software implementation need someone with great expertise.

Odoo Development

We can develop any new modules in Odoo ERP or design and custom reports.

Odoo Support

Showline Solutions provide support for Odoo Accounting software.

Odoo Training

Knowing how to use Odoo is one the top priority should have when it comes to any system.

Grocery store / Supermarket

Powerful point of sale system ,reduced ques in the shop.Manages your stock taking profits , sales analysis.


Restaurant point of sale software it links kitchen printers,tables , stock take ,all salt,dough,grams of potatoes used for cooking,shows your daily profits and sales.

Bar/Coffee Shop

The point of sale software manages sales by each bar attender,empties.The point of sale system for bar also tracks fast moving products their profitability & loss control.

Boutique/Hardware Shop

Retail point of sale software tracks every iterm sold,easy stock taking ,stock value report, Point of sale for a boutique also does layby , hire purchase.


Butchery point of sale system does block testing .Tracks weight loss , warehouse management ,transfer from the cold room link with scales , sausage manufacturing .


Tracks schools fees , tuition ,transport fees.Debtors statements, creditors ,financial statements, cash flow statements ,cash books ,asset management

Payroll Software

Manages employees , time management, salary advance , loan to employees , sick leave , off days

Accounting Software

Financial statements , general ledger , Balance sheet , cash flow statements , manufacturing , cost centers ,cash books

Features of Accounting Software Features
General Ledger

Financial report, Profit/Loss ,Cash flow statements,Debtors ,Creditors,Inventory ,Auditing 

Branch Accounting

Linking branches , Track revenue by  branch ,branch  performance ,consolidation accounts


Tracks raw materials  used in each process , finished products , costing , cost centers .

Audit Trail

The system tracks  every transaction , gives user roles with  access level passwords

Odoo Point Of Sale

What’s Odoo Point of Sale (POS) System?

A point of sale system, or POS, is the place where your customer makes a payment  for products or services at your store. Simply put, every time a customer makes a  purchase at your store, they’re completing a point of sale transaction.

What is an accounting system? 

An accounting system is the system that manages revenue, expenditure, as well as other financial activities in an organization. Accounting system is programmed to track all financial transactions that is sales revenue, expenditure, profit/loss/ and cash flow movements as well as financial
reporting .An accounting software deploys financial reports within a short time and help management in making decisions in a timely manner.

Point of sale software advanatges

5 advantages of point of sale software

  1. Maximum efficiency achieved 
  2. High accuracy levels 
  3. Inventory management 
  4. Quick financial reports 
  5. Improved and quick services
Point of sale software features
1.Stock Taking

Track every item sold ,  stock taking ,stock  value report , stock  take report ,stock  taking sheets , stock  receiving


2.Sales Reports

Linking branches , Track revenue by  branch ,branch  performance ,consolidation accounts

3.Stock Receiving

Tracking every stock  received from  suppliers, calculate  profit on every goods  received and total  invoice from each  supplier.

4.Cashier Shorts

Cashier shortages and  excess are tracked, sales by each cashier,  commissions to each  cashiers.

5.User Rights

Each cashier is limited  to selling only , there  are passwords levels  for each user in the  system


6.Multi Currency

The system accept  wide range of  currencies and can  work in a multi currency environment


The system can process  multi-warehouses , each user can see from  his/her own warehouse


All branches can be  linked , inter branch  transfers and head office consolidated reporting

Premium Services

Business Services

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Our retail point of sale system caters for many businesses that needs point of sale.

The system does it all in the restaurant, you can set you receipts and your menus.

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Palladium Accounting is an ERP solution developed in South Africa for African businesses.

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